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Be it Mumbai, India or New York, USA – every person is running to make ends meet. The career graph you scale, or not, defines your success in life. Work is tough – the pressure is huge. The people, the place, the hours and the imbalance – everything can be extremely taxing in today’s lives that we lead. But one thing that beats all the others as the biggest pain point for most of us – Commute in a Public Transport.

Long, mundane hours that are filled with resentment, tired minds, senseless people and the running around a public transport schedule that can be frustrating. Imagine, missing that train by half a minute, or having to run behind the bus, begging the driver to stop.

So what is common between your daily struggle to achieve your dream goal, and a mere bus or train that drives you absolutely crazy?

Before we get to that, (and now that we are in quarantine amidst the deadly corona virus), we have a little time for retrospection. I will lay out the beauty of both the components I am mentioning here – Public Transport Commute and Achieving your Dream Goal and then you will get the point!

Public Transport

What was your daily schedule before Corona virus broke havoc?

1. Snooze the alarm 5 times and get up on the 6th before your head and eyes start to ache
2. Cook meals and breakfast while its still dark outside, because hey! you stay 2 hours away from your work place and the train frequency is just commendable. Yes, sarcastic in India.
3. Ruin the perfectly ironed clothes in the train when the ladies and gents keep pushing you inside saying ‘Kitni Jaga hai’ (There is so much place inside!) when all you can do is breathe. Sometimes, not.
4. Spend 10 hours in ‘Meetings that could have been emails’, ‘One-on-Ones that could have been WhatsApp messages’ and ‘Reports that could have been done from Home’.
5. Did you forget those 2 hours to go back home? How lucky are those jerks who live close to their work place.

This might hardly be any different for those who take their private vehicles. Traffic dekha hai? (Seen the Traffic outside?)

But all this is worth it, when you receive that message – ‘Your Account XXXXXXXXXXX0001 is credited with Rs. XX,XXX amount’. Everything, all struggles, all those sleepless nights, all those curses, meetings, reports, everything seems worth. Because that was what you achieved. All that, after running behind that bus, train journey in rains, standing in the rickshaw line for hours and walking home because of the strike.

So how is your Dream Goal any different?

Not much. You get up everyday in the morning reminding yourself that there is still a long way to get there. You run behind those milestones even though they make you crazy – they make you want to quit, they make you abuse those who are close to their goals, ones who have achieved that which seemed impossible and the ones who dared to dream, including yourself.

But imagine the joy when you have reached the summit, overlooking the icy terrain that you just climbed. The steep road that you thought you wouldn’t be able to cross.

Public Transport and Being successful in life - By Grandmamaspeaks on Life Lessons, Personality development
To get somewhere in life, you need to face the daily hardships. Just like any Public Transport to reach your destination.

Mind you, Indian terrain is no good, too. Try using the JVLR in a Bus at 6 PM in the evening once the routine begins.

And at the end, here’s the gorgeous message:

Both have their individual struggles without which, you simply cannot reach your destination!

And no matter how hard you wish to avoid it, it’s that very road which will get you to your goal fast.

Like a train from Thane to Ghatkopar. Use a cab and you will know what I am talking.

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