Do you think your Life Sucks? Let’s find out?

You have just stepped into the office – after fighting with the cranky middle-aged man / woman in the train for an extra inch of space, or maybe after making your way through heavy traffic with a truck driver that missed you barely by millimeters and got away with only the headlight of your bike. Continue Reading

You know nothing, Jon Snow

Jon, Jon, oh my dear Jon,It might be romantic, perhaps – you, your aunt and the porn! Life hasn’t been good to you, you were the bastard son,It is exactly the same now, just the sword is replaced by the gun. Cersei gets her brother to fuck, that’s a brilliant screw,Our brother keeps entering us, Continue Reading

What is better? Reaching your Life’s Destination late, or Not Achieving your Goals at all?

I have been travelling using public transport since I can remember. The red, metal box with its engine throttling, the conductor screaming for tickets and all of us scrambling for a good 1×1 sq feet of place to stand. And if you get a seat, you can guarantee the Gods love you. I had the Continue Reading