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I was playing a game yesterday with my husband – Ludo, nothing big of sorts. And every time he would end up kicking my pin back to the home turf. I was completely lacking sportsmanship and kept fighting with him. But couldn’t help & wonder that this lockdown has been playing the same game with us. Every time we want to step out of the home, coronavirus has us back into the lockdown.

Result? We enjoyed the first few days of lockdown and work from home. But soon, the news, the suicides, depression stories, home quarrels, work pressure, fear of losing job and lack of outdoor interaction has left us sour, cold and worst, anxious, irritated and with a negative mind.

So that puts across an interesting question – every one (including coronavirus!) has a lockdown game which we have not noticed. No? Did not think about it? Ok well then, here’s some of the many Coronavirus-led Lockdown games that all of us are playing!

And later, the one that we should play in this lockdown.

1. Ludo – Lockdown Game Played by Coronavirus!

I think there is a reason this game has become so popular during lockdown! Why, because it is exactly what we are in the middle of – a big Ludo game. In this the Coronavirus is the dice, opponents are the Police, Government and our own Fear! All hell-bent in keeping is indoors.

2. Snakes and Ladders – Lockdown Game Played by the people stepping outdoors!

Step on a decent tile, and you are good. Get on a ladder and you are closer to your home. End up on a snake and you are infected with Coronavirus and go straight to the hospital. What we once played as a fun game, has now come back to haunt us.

3. Carrom – Lockdown Game Played by the Employees!

An employee is nothing short of a striker hitting the coins (read, projects!) into the net, which means completing them. But if you end up into the net yourself, you pay a penalty with one of your projects. Sounds similar?

Amidst all this, you are left with work, pressure and tightly wound feelings. I think you need a game for your self.

Now what game should you play?

Pass the Ball!

In Pass the ball you hand the ball to a set of people sitting in a circular formation. The music starts and you pass the ball. When the music stops, the person with the ball does anything the group decides.

Now how should you play this game in the middle of this lockdown and pandemic?

1. Think of the ball as your set of responsibilities, feelings, fears and mostly a negative mindset.

2. The people around you, your family. Those you are virtually connected like friends, office colleagues and even pets – these are your players!

3. The game becomes your method of passing, or sharing your feelings. Also your fears, negativity with your close ones to lighten your mind

4. The beautiful music in this game is the positivity this lockdown has given us.

This 4th point might seem absurd, but think for a moment. How many times did you crib about working from home with your managers and team mates? How many times did you want to be at home in your pajamas and enjoy the day and work? Your family was probably complaining to take time off but you couldn’t.


As a blessing in disguise, this lockdown has brought to you music. An opportunity to eat healthy and have a peaceful schedule without running around the trains. To step out (with precaution) to buy groceries, watching the sunset from the terrace, etc!

During the Pass the Ball game, we barely listen to the music. All we focus on is the ball and how to get rid of it. We think of the person holding the ball and idiotically count the moments before the ball lands on your lap.

How engrossed and tuned are we in yearning for the responsibilities, feelings and negativity, that we simply ignore the music. We ignore that even if the ball has come to you, you choose to either keep or hand it over. Then you can choose to listen to the positivity flowing in and not worry about the next problem in life.


Lockdown has given us a new sense of life. We are so privileged to have those people around to share our responsibilities, embrace positivity – why don’t we do that? Why don’t we think of all the good days that we are blessed with than focus on bad days?

The ball may be with you today, but it won’t be forever, if you choose to give it up. Share it with your loved ones who are there for you to open up and talk.

Lockdown Games - Positivity - Grandmama speaks
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