Why we contained our lives in it, while ‘thinking out of box’?

‘I expect you to get good marks in Maths. Look at Andrea, she does so well.’ ‘I have always dreamt of you as an engineer from the best Institute’ ‘You have to win this race. I will accept nothing less than the first place.’ ‘You have to talk to my father about us. Otherwise he Continue Reading

A Coffee Shop met its Bad Days. What did they Discuss?

Once upon a time, there was a Coffee Shop. It was founded by a Man and a Woman, who loved each other. They were thrilled to see their coffee shop, brewing its first coffee after the hard roasting days. After a few initial fails, the coffee shop finally stood on its feet, starting to explore Continue Reading

8 Employee Types you will find at your Workplace!

Employees are of Diverse Species…. Do you know someone in your workplace, who keeps ranting about the amount of work he / she has to do? Do you then see the same person gossiping about the dress a fellow colleague is wearing, or showing off his ‘Know-It-All’ degree from the University of Dumb and repeats Continue Reading

What is better? Reaching your Life’s Destination late, or Not Achieving your Goals at all?

I have been travelling using public transport since I can remember. The red, metal box with its engine throttling, the conductor screaming for tickets and all of us scrambling for a good 1×1 sq feet of place to stand. And if you get a seat, you can guarantee the Gods love you. I had the Continue Reading