5 Ways to Identify the Devil at your Workplace

Devil Person at Work
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If you think by Devil I am going to talk about your boss, maybe you are mistaken. Maybe your boss is a sweet, innocent person who is simply trying to save his job. Or, maybe she likes to suck up to the higher management so much, that they vomit the same shit she is fed earlier. Here we will shed some special light on the toxic people you call the devil.

Either case, your professional life is royally screwed, which means, your personal life will soon go down the drain.

So who is this Devil?

The Devil is that one Toxic person who ensures that your life in the office becomes a living hell. Such toxic people look like humans, speak our very tongue and are often found to drink water (in contrast to the popular notion that they drink blood) and consume human food. You might not come across them on your very first day, or if you do, they might be just the charismatic person you have ever met.

Yet, they are the poison who seeps into every person’s mind – office management turns into anarchy, the distance between teammates and their leader increases, genuine work is sidelined while unnecessary agendas suddenly become the parameters you are tallied against.

Here are 5 ways to identify that Devil(s) or the Toxic Person in your company:

1. The size of the toxic person’s Ego can put the Blue Whale to shame

A Toxic Person can never accept that he / she can be wrong. Likewise, they will often be the ones who ‘know everything’ and God Save your Soul if you ever try to correct them (even for their own sake!). They will counter-answer, explain, threaten, cry and finally make sure they get their way around.

2. The Toxic person can easily be the Head of Gossip Mongers

Want to make sure your personal life becomes the talk of the office? Tell your story to the Devil (or one of his minions) and you can be sure every person in the office is aware why you had a fight with your boyfriend on the 20th of last month at 8:09 PM sharp. If this wasn’t enough, additional spices grounded to perfection are added for flavour and you are thereby left to marinate with lemon and salt.

3. The toxic person has a black belt in influencing and manipulating.

Believe it or not, their power to influence your Head, or his Head, or your immediate team is dangerously powerful. They will start negating every good work you do, micromanage to the extent of frustration, be rude and follow no decorum of the place they are in. As you get to know them more, you will find their insecurities in the way they behave, their limited growth, their personalities and their complete disagreement of helping their immediate subordinates grow.

4. 90% of the colleagues hate him / her

If you notice carefully, you will soon start observing a pattern – almost every person you interact with, has something bad to say about the person. ‘She is conniving’, ‘She keeps badmouthing’, ‘He keeps shouting at us’, ‘Why does he keep bringing my personal life into my work?’, ‘Why can’t he just understand?’ – these questions will keep coming. They are the centre of several inside jokes, since they have a talent to project pseudo-productivity.

5. This Toxic person develops this ritual where you have to talk (no, obsess!) about them!

Obsession could be an understatement to describe what this person feels about himself. Every little purchase they make, every other dish they prepare, even their 1-day holiday to Panchgani needs to be discussed as if they have been to Paris. And if they have been to Paris? Then God save you with their constant yapping for the next one year! Every day, more than 1 productive hour they will spend on how the rolls in Paris were made, how the quality of life is splendid (even though all they eat are chips and burgers) and how their life is so hectic and troublesome that they need 10 such holidays every year.

What they eat, where they go, what underwear they wear – everything needs to be discussed with their set of minions and praises need to be sung in their names.

And one bonus point!

6. They will never let you grow!

These Toxic People might be easy manipulators but there will never be one good thing you will learn from them. Neither will they teach you skills of the trade (because either they do not know, or they are hoarders who do not believe in sharing knowledge), nor will they encourage you to go beyond your boundaries. Frankly, they want you cocooned under them, to act as minions, give them all what you learn, while they continue to manipulate you slowly. Their two-faced behaviour – one around you and one around their management, is like observing an episode of Big Boss, only in real life.

Consider your professional life in that particular company to be over!

So what can help in warding off the Devil in your office?

1.Learn, no matter what or who tries to stop you
2. Grow, by taking in every opportunity even if that means going sour with the toxic person
3. Don’t tolerate any crap just because a higher authority is serving it to you. Crap is a crap, found in public toilet or served by a Michelin-starred Jerk.
4. Believe in yourself rather than some Ellen DeGeneres manipulating her way out of you. Don’t let them get you.
5. Find that Devil of a Toxic person before you do all of this and don’t be their minion.

Got any other tricks that can get you an upper hand over the Toxic person in your office? What solutions did you use when you had to work with such people in your office? Tell us about it on magic@grandmamaspeaks.com and we will feature the best ones here!

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